BACKPACKBOYZ   / 5 Points LA via The Cannon Co on 2/11/2020. No Testing info present on the bag. It gift to me but I have seen it go for about 40-45$ an 8th in the traditional market. Last but not least in the awesome hat trick of strains found in my sample pack from The Cannon Co is Blu Gotti.

Backpack Boyz these big boulderesque buds are a hodgepodge of lime, olive, and forest greens that occasionally dip into midnight blue, with tightly wound burn auburn pistils, and a frosty layer of tiny yellowing triches.Backpack Boyz


The nose out of the bag is a sweet cream with a strong musty fruit that reminds me of Gelato’s signature “foreign fruit market” smell. When busting open a bud a sweet vanilla cream dominates the scent profile with a mute floral backend.

Excellent work to the Backpack Boyz, 5 Points LA and the Cannon Co once again. You guys are consistently putting out some high caliber herb and I can’t wait to see what comes next!