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    buy cookies online 2020COOKIES CAKE MIX STRAINImagine smoking a cross of three famous California strains. The Cake Mix strain is another rare exotic cannabis strain that is crossed with Cherry Pie, GSC, and Triangle Kush. The nugs were big and dense with a potent smell of dank. They were also fully coated with trichomes. Super dense nugs with hints of purple that can be cookies online 2020

    This Cake Mix strain is some of the latest best out of California. This marijuana strain is a Hybrid and Indica dominant. The orange pistons can be barely seen because of the massive amount of Trichomes covering it. Expect to find this bud for no less than $50 an eighth at dispensaries and delivery cookies online 2020

    Aroma: Vanilla with a wedding cake sweetness

    Flavor: Silky, creamy frosting

    Experience: Head high, perfect for daytime use



    Cake Mix Weed Is Potent

    Any cannabis smokers who are after premium buds will be satisfied with the Cake Mix strain. The THC potency is high with this weed and a bowl using a bong will be plenty. Inexperienced cannabis smokers should try smoking a small amount of Cake Mix weed. This strain was grown indoors in a controlled environment in California. We were lucky enough to obtain this strain from a farmer who also supplies to the dispensaries in the Bay Area. We are privileged to know someone who is close to this grower and provides us with these strains for our cookies online 2020

    Sweet Taste

    No, this strain does not taste like its name. It would be crazy for an actual strain to taste like Cake Mix. However, its sweet name does describe its flavor adequately. The terpenes from the Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie really make this a sweet-tasting smoke. It does have that kush earthy taste too which makes an overall really great flavor. As someone who has been smoking for over a decade, this Cake Mix strain was one of my top 10 favorites for sure.

    Cookies began with two visionary founders: grow expert Jai, and entrepreneur Berner, whose Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) remains one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world. From the earliest days in a San Francisco garage to global growth, our goal has remained the same: authenticity and innovative genetics. Our control of the entire experience from start to finish, seed to sale, sets us apart. We take pride in our in-house cultivation, global varieties, and full lineup of strain-specific products. Cookies is a lifestyle. Join the community as we take it worldwide.

    Buy Cookies Online 2020

    The incredibly frosty Cake Mix strain is a concoction from Cookies’ Lemonnade brand that’s been around for over a year. His take on the strain involves crossing the famous Wedding Cake with his lush London Pound Cake #75. The result is full, sticky nugs with earthy green hues. This is the type of strain that may melt you into the couch with a big smile on your face.

    When you’re laying eyes on some of the Cake Mix strain from Lemonnade, you’ll barely be able to see the dark orange pistils. This is because there’s a literal frosting of dense trichomes coating its entire surface. The buds almost look wet as you break them apart to a wave of sweet berry notes that are met with sharp citrus and lemon zest. There’s a hint of peppery spice in the aromatics as well that comes right at the end. The smell of these nugs alone may make your stress fade away.

    Based on the lineage of the Cake Mix strain you can infer that the dominant terpenes might be myrcenelimonene, and beta-caryophyllene. I’m coming to find that this is a pretty common collection of terps for a Wedding Cake cross.

    Cake Mix Strain by Lemonnade

    Buy Cookies Online 2020

    The lemony zest of the limonene may alleviate anxiety and stress. Then, the floral berry sweetness of the myrcene may be very calming. The peppery spice of the beta-caryophyllene may make the high stimulating at first but then may wash away body pain.

    Smoking on some of Lemonnade’s Cake Mix strain you may notice immediately rising highs from your chest up to your eyeballs. The lemony dough flavors will smooth out the smoke as you potentially get take to your happy place. The peppery kick might knock you into a deep zone of random trains. Then it may snap you back to the reality that you are quite high.

    Other Sweet Cake Strains: Frosted CakesLA Kush CakeIce Cream CakeGelato CakeFlorida CakeLava Cake, and Hot Cakes.

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