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    Devine Runtz is a mysterious cross from the Runtz family. Some believe it to be a phenotype of the original Runtz, which crosses Zkittlez and Gelato. Others have said it to be a cross between Rainbow Sherbert and Pink Panties. While genetics remain to be publicly confirmed, the hype around this strain is already firmly established. The true Pink Runtz comes in an extremely dense structure with dark green-to-purple hues that make a grinder mandatory. The aroma is sweet and fruity, just like the candy, while the high will lift your mind and body for hours and runtz bags

    What Are The Reasons To Choose This Strain?

    The weed strain has many medical benefits and the high it gives makes it a great strain to try out and use. Although this true, there are other factors that should make you choose this hybrid strain over others:buy runtz bags


    The buds have a very different appearance because it takes the shape of a spade and has trichomes covering it all around. It has a variety of colors, including hints of deep purple, mossy green and bits of yellow and tan in its runtz bags

    Smell and aroma

    If you enjoy the smell of candy and sweet treats, the aroma and smell of this strain will surely be appeasing. The undertone just has a bit of hint of diesel but the sweet and candy smell and aroma are dominant.


    The flavor of this strain is predominantly affected by its smell and aroma because it also has that sweet taste. Some users have mentioned that upon exhale, there is an earthiness when smoking this marijuana strain.


    The strain has the regular side effects of hybrid marijuana which includes incredible hunger after smoking. That might not be a side effect if your intention was having an appetite but if you were just smoking for recreational purposes, it may be unwanted.

    Another side effect may be that the user’s limbs and eyes will be heavy which may be the ultimate reason why it doses them off to sleep.

    Also, they will experience the standard side effects such as dry mouth and eyes which is common with other strains as well. When smoking it, you might experience some dizziness, so that makes it important to smoke this strain in a familiar place. Once the high starts wearing off, you might also get a headache.


    The marijuana strain is one of the greatest in California and that is because of its evenly balanced substances. Its high is quite potent and the effects are long-lasting which makes this strain one of the greatest.

    Another factor that makes this strain really good is the different looks it has as well as the smell and aroma. The Runtz Crew has kept a tight lid on the seeds of this strain which makes them the exclusive suppliers of the high-quality stuff of this strain.

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